WATCH REGISTER has one objective, to cut down on Luxury Watch crime.

HOW does it work?

WATCH REGISTER has one objective, to cut down on crime by ensuring that all Luxury Watches are traceable and therefore difficult to resell after theft has occurred. Watch Register offers you the platform to publicly report the loss or theft of your Luxury Watch. You can also browse our database before you buy or sell any timepieces to check that they have not been reported lost or stolen.

Our service allows traders to reduce the risk of confiscation and, consequently, of compensation, of a watch recorded stolen. Checking Watch Register before a purchase will help you to protect your reputation and ensure the safety of your customers.

Did you invest in a Luxury Watch? Make sure you register it on our Database for safe records.

Use our Search Facility before you buy that next Pre-Owned Watch.

Is your Watch LOST or STOLEN? Make sure you list it on the Database.


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